Large coup of the Netherlands

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In order not to be trembling, Hungary would have used a victory against Iceland in front of a native backdrop. The game then had a lot to offer: tension, intensity, drama. How balanced the duel was, the fact alone shows that it was 23 times a draw. Only three minutes before the end, Island, who had the most successful shooter in the parquet in Bark Mar Elision (nine-goal), moved to +2 of it (31:29), but the Hungary came again and even had the chance to compensate But these were unused and then Portugal had to press the thumbs up.

The Portuguese met the Netherlands in the evening, which besides Montenegro the surprise team of the tournament so far. And Orange laid down like the fire department, led at halftime already with 17:13. The Dutchman could not quite hold the level in the second passage and had to shake in the end. Ultimately, it was enough for a narrow 32: 31 success. Kay Smith from SC Magdeburg outline with eight goals.

In the German group, Belarus won the meaningless last preliminary round match against Austria with 29:26 (16:16).


Netherlands: Ravensbergen, Schelleken — SMITH 8/1, Siemens 6, Genghis 4, L. Steins 4, Ten Verde 3, Jansen 2, Shaken 2, Smith 2, St avast 1, Adams, Black, Sisters, I. Stone
Portugal: Vaudeville, Gaspar — Etruria 7, Area 6/3, Silva 5, Martins 4, Salinas 4, Duarte 2, Branching 1, Fernandes 1, Salvador 1, Alves, Cavalcade, Hernandez Zulu eta, Magazines, T. Rocha
Referee: Lars Forum (Norway) / Harvard Eleven (Norway)

Viewers: 11.287
Criminal minutes: 10/14
Disqualification: / –

Iceland — Hungary 31:30 (17:17)

Island: Gustafsson, Hallgrimsson — Elision 9/2, Oi Mansion 8/4, Gudjonsson 5, GT Kristiansen 4, Palmerston 2, Gílson 1, Jonson 1, Andersson 1, Andersson, Larsson, O. Edmundson, K. Ö. Kristiansen, Season, Thorkelsson
Hungary: Miller, Shekel — Band 6, Site 5, Math 4/1, Rodriguez 4, Body 3, Lexie 3, Boa 2, Topic 2, ANSI 1, Buds, Janusz, Ligetvari, Rosa, Silos
Referee: Andrew Marin (Spain) / Ignacio Garcia Serradilla (Spain)
Viewers: 20022
Criminal minutes: 12/12
Disqualification: Gílson (57./3. Time penalty) / SILOS (53./3. Time penalty)

Belarus — Austria 29:26 (16:16)

Belarus: Saldana, USIA — Wausau 8/3, Rowena 5, Bialiaauski 4, Karate 4, Astraschapkin 3, Hired 2, Kulak 2, Samoa 1, Ocean, Lukjantschuk, Ivanovich, Said, Urania
Austria: Dominic, Houses — J. Bosonic 7, Trimmed 5/2, Bilk 4, Porch 2, RAFT 2, Zane 2, Djokovic 2, A. Hermann 1, R. Weber 1, Hammock, Thicker, Martini Wagner
Referee: Boris Manual (Slovakia) / Mario Ruins (Slovakia)
Attendance: 835
penalty minutes: 4/10
Disqualification: / –