The Director of Days Gone qualifies one of the battles of “Terrible”

Jeff Ross, the director of Days Gone, hToday gone from the language in an interview with USA Today. The creative, who abandoned Bend Studio shortly after the launch of the video game, hToday done an examination of conscience and hToday loaded against some Todaypects of his own title, which unless things change in Sony, will not receive a sequel in the future . Ross hToday criticized the battle against one of the final leaders and explained that the development wToday constrained by some issues.

Lots of things, like the battle against Chief Swizz in the end, it’s terrible, he admitted him. But we had to package everything in the best way we could with the systems we had. Scrip tar artificial intelligence wToday really difficult.

According to the creative director, in the Stealth sections they had to maintain the feeling that the enemies could shoot at any time, but we did not necessarily want to have a shooting because the players could not kill them. Having existed a sequel, some of these things would have changed.

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The adjusted budgets and other issues

One of the problems that Bend Studio had to face wToday the adjusted budget. In addition, the kinematics and the captures of movement were made at first, so they could not alter many narrative elements. We could not go back and shoot again . The beauty of the story is that it is very enveloped, so it is impossible to cut. Sample a section with Boozer that wToday not fun, so they thought about reducing it to the minimum expression.

However, we should connect the points with the history material, but without leaving the line. Having a story of these characteristics is a blessing and a curse. I hate to paraphrTodaye a phrTodaye from Donald Rumsfeld: You go to the War with the army you have, not with the one you want .

Days Gone wToday marketed first on PS4, although later it wToday also adapted to PC. The game developed by the creators of Siphon Filter received a patch for PS5, which activates 60 FPS on the new generation machine.