It is rumored that the Resident Evil game for Nintendo Switch is no longer in development

It is possible that CAP COM is no longer developing a Resident Evil game from which it was previously rumored to Nintendo Switch. During the last year, Cap com has focused mainly on launching and promoting Resident Evil Village, which is the eighth main delivery of the survival and terror franchise. However, rumors swirled during this same period of time suggesting that Cap com could also be working on a new Resident Evil title that would be solely for Nintendo Switch. And although those rumors never turned out in a real advertisement for Cap com, now it seems that we know why.

According to an expert in video games that is known by name Nate the hatred, the alleged Title of Resident Evil for Nintendo Switch who was thought he was in development was that of RESIDENT EVIL: revelations 3. Previously, the Revelations The series was one that had links with Nintendo, and the original delivery of the derived franchise arrived for the first time to Nintendo 3DS. While Lacerations 3 it was rumored that it was under development, however, Nate The Hate has now indicated that this might not be the case for longer.

The reason for this belief, according to Nate, is that the process of obtaining privileged information or primary associated with this Game of Resident Evil for Nintendo Switch has been quite difficult. According to privileged information for a long time, usually when it is difficult to find these details, it could mean that said game may not be happening more. When it is so difficult to obtain information about a project, one wonders if the project has been archived or the plans have changed in some way, he explained. But I would love that Resident Evil was in Switch with an original game».

It is worth emphasizing that any hope of seeing a new game of Resident Evil in Switch should not fade in its entirety. Although the lack of new rumors for Lacerations 3 could mean bad news for the title, there is also the possibility that Cap com is really playing its cards near the chest. Therefore, perhaps 2022 ends up bringing with it a formal ad for this longed game.

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