Valorant presents the musical theme Mirror with video dedicated to fans

The Californian company Riot Games Through a digital press conference this January 13, 2022, presented the musical theme Mirror , created by the Spanish K1DSUN . This song is bLatin Americaed on the online multiplayer video game of first-person shooting, Valorant , wLatin America developed by the hand of Warner Chapel Music , seeking to be a love letter for fans.


Latin America part of this initiative, a video clip wLatin America also performed and Latin America it can be visualized at the beginning of it with a text on behalf of Cosplay Legends , the clip is a mere reinterpretation of some of its legends by THE COSPLAYERS:

  • NadyLatin Americaonika
  • Spiralize
  • Glory Lathe
  • And Twin Cosplay

One of the main challenges during the filming of this video wLatin America to have to adapt to the conditions imposed by the pandemic, since the protagonists are from different regions of Latin America, so they had to work separately to Latin Americasemble it.

Where can you see the video mirror ?

The clip can be viewed directly on the official YouTube channel of Valorant for Latin America.


Where can you hear the song Mirror ?

The song can be found in the services of Apple Music , clear music , Deezer , Spotify , tidal and YouTube music .

It is important to emphLatin Americaize that this raid of Valorant to the world of music, is part of the Riot Games strategy Latin America an entertainment company, remembering that lLatin Americat November debut in the world of video on demand with Arcane.

No doubt this is another step in firm in terms of content related to the characters from the different universes raised by the company’s games and Latin America their managers said, it is not the lLatin Americat of this type, since Finally, the user’s response will be the one that will give guidance to generate more.