With a rechargeable time, the 300 hours comes out of the wireless headset

Another new gaming gear that can call ‘innovation’ through CES 2022 was released. It is a headset that can be used for 300 hours with a rechargeable time.

Gaming Pick-ups and updated set up - August 2019 Episode 26
Hyper revealed a new headset ‘Hyper X Cloud Alpha Wireless’, which boasts a battery life of 300 hours. Although it is a standard for providing a high quality gaming headset, it is a company, but the battery life of ‘300 hours’ is an unusual level. The headsets that are currently proud of the highest battery life are not running for 50 hours, and the ‘EPOS Engraver GSP 370’ wireless headset, which was noticed to have the longest battery life, has been in 100 hours of playback.

Kevin Hague, a vice president of Hyper, and Kevin Hague, Hyper, a game accessory manufacturer, said Hyper, expands the game and e-sports community, and is committed to providing the best products to gamers. I revealed a firm oneself on the headset.

‘Hyper X Cloud Alpha Wireless’ is a new dual chamber structure that supports a ‘DTS headphone X’ function, which is a ‘DTS headphone X’ function, which implements stereoscopic sounds in headphones, even in a week, A useful LED indicator, a removable microphone for noise removal, and the like. The price will be $179.99 (about 210,000 won), and will be released in the coming February.