Who is the new Valorant Agent neon

Chamber is not long part of the official Valorant list, but we have already thrown a look at the new Valorant agent. The world reveals through a prime gaming leak, the new agent looks absolutely electrifying.

The agent believed to say that he is called neon is apparently Filipino and has an electricity-based kit. Her Splash art leaked on New Year’s Eve from Amazon — and later confirmed by Riot Games — shows neon, as it sprints through a colorful area, away from two other agents. Given the code name of Neon Sprinter it is likely that neon will be similar in terms of skills and equipment Jet.

But what else do we know about the new Valorant agent neon, and when can we expect that Riot Games dismiss them into freedom? Here’s all we know about the electrifying new character.

Valorant neon release date

When will neon appear in Valorant? We do not know when the release date of Neon is, but the fast character is expected sometime in 2022.

Episode 3, Act 3 is expected to end on January 11, 2022 — expect more information about the neon-drop in the next few days, while we drove up to Episode 4.

Looks like some of them would be faster than our next agent. Here is an unabridged version for sharing.

See you next week! pic.twitter.com/b9wofvpbwe

-Valorant (@playValorant) 31 . December 2021

Appreciation of the neon role

*NEW* Valorant Agent
What role will Neon play in Valorant? Given that neon’s teaser suggests that it is fast, it is likely that it will take over a similar role as Jet — a duel ant — but this is only speculation at the moment.

In the last state of the agents blog post, Valorant character producer John Goscicki indicated that neon can surpass the rest of the list and has the ability to go directly into the fight.

Appreciation of neon skills

We do not know what the Valorant capabilities of neon are, but given some of the teasers we started to see, they can expect great.

Interesting little neon teaser | Valiant

New Year’s Eve comfortable at home, with power failure. What or who was that? Pic.twitter.com/f8rqtanap

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It is clear that neon’s main equipment is designed for speed and surprise. So, expect that some of your skills enable you to move to place lightning needlessly, making a well-set defense to the spacious.

That’s all we know about Valor ants new agents’ neon. However, we will update this guide as new information arrives. For now, see our Valorant stage list and our guide to the best Valorant crosshairs.