Roast arc increased 545 new user since Roanon

The Smile Gate announced on the 29th, the MMORPG Lost Arc was the Winter Festival and the biggest winter event, and it has been explosively increasing the explosive rise in most indicators.

Smile Gate RPG said that Lost Arc was the first weekend since the first weekend since the first weekend, the number of new adventurers, 545% and the number of return adventurers increased by 499%. In addition, the number of days of use adventurers increased by 116%, and the number of monthly adventurers increased by 116%, and the number of simultaneous users in the top of the year was 230,000, and most of the indicators have risen sharply.

This achievement led to ‘Roan Winter’ and Winter Large Events. On the 18th, on the 18th, the winter adventurer festival, which is 7 hours 30 minutes, the Winter Adventurer Festival ‘Roan Winter’ was a message called ‘MMORPG’, which makes memories of MMORPG.

Meanwhile, the Development of Roast Arc is the Golden Director, who oversees the development of Roast Arc, the Christmas Eve on the 24th (Friday), and the game was surprised through the real-time announcement message in the game. On this day, the Gyeongsang Line Director is not only Christmas greetings, but also for 258 adventurers who attended every day since launching, ▲ New Continent El GIA Update Schedule, I also had new news about. In addition, a special event that can acquire an avatar of the game in the game of the Gum gang Line Director, and the Avatar of Barbra was surprised.

In the morning of the 25th, the donation relays, based on the voluntary participation of adventurers, and the relay of the relay. The Roast Arc Adventurer’s Community ‘Roast Arc User is supporting the spread of hope!’ The donation relays began through the posting of the Summer Gate, And is being implemented in a manner that authenticates through comments. The donation campaigns have been attracting attention to executive campaigns, which have been involved in 7,000 adventurers in two days and are not a voluntary participation in adventurers, not the game company.

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The Smile Gate RPG support is a representative of RPG support. I sincerely thank you for adventurists who present the best year to Most Arc. Most Arc will do our best to make a more fun MMORPG with adventurers without forgetting your mind now. I have a good time.

For more information on roast arcs, you can see the Most Arc Official Homepage.