Final Fantasy XVI has been delayed by the pandemic but fixed new date to teach novelties

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Final Fantasy XVI is one of the most anticipated titles of the new generation. Announced with a presentation trailer at the PlayStation event in September 2020, this new delivery of the mythical Saga RPG by Square Enix aimed to arrive sooner than expected, but the state of the game we had a few months ago He has suffered setbacks.

The producer of the project, Naomi Yeshiva, has signed a statement that the official accounts of the franchise have shared through social networks. In it, it stands out that there will be no news of the development because it has been seen delayed half a year by the pandemic, so its effects are located at a new date to be able to see something more.

Development has been delayed almost half a year Naomi Yeshiva Greetings to all, the last time I talked, I promised that I would give more information from Final Fantasy XVI at some time at the end of 2021. However, I regret that not It will be possible to fulfill that promise for complications due to the pandemic of the COVID-19, which has delayed the development of the game almost half a year, says Yeshiva.

We have had to decentralize the work, allowing workers to follow their work from home, unfortunately, this has hampered communication with the Tokyo office, which, in turn, has caused delays — and sometimes, cancellations — In the deliveries of assets by our external partners, he continues.

FF16 UPDATE: Final Fantasy XVI Seemingly Near Completion

Our next announcement will be in Primavera Naomi Yeshiva As I say, we have invested a lot of time of this 2021 facing this problem, and we hope that the impact is minimal in the new year, allowing us to concentrate better on the tasks we have in hand: Improve graphical quality, give the latest touches to the kinematics and, in general, optimize the entire technical section.

So, this leaves us with the next question: When will the next round of information come? Well, I am happy to be able to announce that our current plan is to make our next announcement in spring of 2022 […] We apologize to those who had been pending the novelties of Final Fantasy XVI, and we appreciate your patience while focusing our efforts on development.

Therefore, you will have to wait for that spring 2022 to learn about an end to Fantasy XVI that has not yet set a concrete release date on PC and PS5. However, we know it and some details of its history, universe and characters, and it seems that your approach could be more aimed at action, unlike previous games of the saga.

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