Yen Lineage Limaster Forgotten Island update

[Data provided: NC soft]

Signature Content ‘Forgotten Island‘ Update, 2016 Update After Update

New and returned user target special support event progress, growth benefits and server transfer function

NC soft (Lee EN) PC Online MMORPG (Lineage) (Lineage) was conducted today (22nd) ‘forgotten island’ update.

‘Forgotten Island’ is a signature content of Lineage, which is introduced in about six years since May 2016. You can enjoy a fierce battle for new items such as the Weapons, ‘the Weapon for Legendary Weapons Production’, ‘The Watching & Rock Armor Series’.

The ‘forgotten island’ is a heterogeneous hunter than the existing hunting. It is characterized that the difficulty of bosses and monsters appearing at night than daytime is higher. The difficulty has increased with existing settings such as creating a decreasing addiction area and a large amount of monsters around the same time.

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New and return users use ‘Dark Fri Pass (100 N Points)’ to enjoy the game from 89th level immediately. All users can proceed with the server until January 5. It is possible to transfer without classification of general server and specialized server.

Soon will proceed to the event from the KakaoTalk official channel until December 29. Users can receive various event coupons on first served basis.

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