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Google fans beware: If you want to secure the new pixel 6 with a cheap tariff before Christmas, you should strike this offer. Saturn offers the smartphone currently reduced with a VodafonTarif with 15 GB of data volumes.

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Google Pixel 6 with 15 GB data volume: so cheap is the deal

With the package of Saturn you can save a lot compared to the single purchase. The Google Pixel 6 convinces with excellent performance, a great camera and novel design. In addition, you get here the Pure Android and all updates with first. There are also 15 GB of data volumes in the network of Vodafone, which bring you relaxed through the month.

Your costs: For the device you pay unique 29 Euro. This comes the connection price in the amount of 39.99 euros. Monthly are then due more 29.99 euros. The contract has a minimum contract period from 24 months. On the two years, you pay in total 788.75 Euro.

Your savings: Savings are calculated from the comparison of the offer with the prices that you would have to pay in the single purchase of smartphone and tariff. The Google Pixel 6 costs at Saturn currently 649 Euro. The mobile phone contract also offers Mobil com Debited individually. Here are monthly 16.99 euros due, during the connection price 19.99 euros is. Overall, you pay in single purchase, calculated on 24 months, 1076.75 Euro.

In comparison, this results in a savings of whole 288 Euro!

Google Pixel 6 is available in black. In addition to Saturn, MediaMarkt also offers the offer. The deal is valid to the 31.12., predefined that it is not already sold out before.

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