Persona 4 is supposed to get a PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch port

Persona 4 Golden Nintendo Switch Seems VERY LIKELY Now & Sony Definitely LIED About PS5 in Japan...
According to the rumors, the Ill-like Ills’ Persona 4 RPG would get a Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Rumors indicate that the Midnight Channel Collection, which includes Persona 4, Persona 4 Golden and Persona 4 Arena Ultimate, arrives at systems..

Persona 4 is a Japanese role-play mixed with a social simulator of high school. You control a teenage team who discover a strange canal that only appears at midnight when it rains. When the main character looks at this chain, he discovers that he has the opportunity to enter the television. His friends also have the same capacity, and together, they are slowly discovering more and more secrets about their abilities and how they can use them to solve a series of murders that occur in their city.

Rumors started after the Twitter user @Scrambledfaz published information revealing a tab to pre-order the collection on the Atlas website. The user discovered that if you add V2 at the end of the link to the Persona 4 Arena Ultimate website, an option to pre-order the Midnight Channel Collection for the Switch and the PS4 proved. You can not pre-order it yet because there is only one upcoming tab available at the moment.

This rumor is probably true because allude has already worn some character titles on different platforms. Last year marked the first time as a title of the main series Persona made its way to another platform. Alluded Persona 4 Golden on Steam in June 2020. Atlas also announced to Game Awards that Persona 4 Arena Ultimate would get a PS4, Switch and PC port. The main games in the series and most of their spin-offs have always been PlayStation exclusives.

With all recent ports and Shin Mega mi Tense V (the largest series to which Persona belongs) being an exclusive Switch, Allude is no longer faithful to Sony.

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