Trailer to talk about the function unique to Gran Turismo 7 PS5 version Realistic drive that works with triggers and Layre

Gran Tourism Sport is a race video clip game developed by the Japanese Studio Polyphony Digital and edited by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Revealed at the Paris Gaming Week 2015, the 7th main episode of the Gran Tourism game collection appeared between October 17 and October 19, 2017, exclusively on PlayStation 4 as well as PlayStation virtual reality. It is the game on which the FIA Gran Tourism Championships are played.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has published a trailer that introduces the functionality of the real drive chamber Gran Tourism 7 PS5 version.

As an example of how to use an adaptive trigger or haptic feedback installed in PS5 and Danseuse, a sense of sense such as a problem of being locked from where there is a brake. In addition, in order to respond to ray tracing, the shaped mode that the photograph can be taken is also realized that realistic creation is realized that it is a live-action that does not seem unexpectedly.

There is a moment that the reality that I feel when I’m running yourself is a moment that I feel exceeded a certain level, and the functions unique to PS5 will be compatible with this series that pursues reality And it seems.

Gran Tourism 7 will be released on March 4, 2022, for PS5 / PS4.

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