The omori RPG prepares its landing in Switch A trip between two worlds with deep messages

Inside the whole amalgam of video games with which we enjoy today, there are some really brave. More is one of them, because it dares to use such a genre as well as the RPG to present sensitive thematic and not suitable for all players. And now, after having carved a name on PC, take the step towards the field of consoles with Nintendo Switch.

Omori - Good Ending - Episode 4 Gameplay

The game has caught the attention from its Kickstarter in 2014, since it ended its campaign with more than $72,000 accumulated. And it is not for less, because its approach to the role and its surreal components have worked as a perfect scenario to address issues such as depression, anxiety and suicide, so it could not be adequate for all audiences.

In More, we are a depressed take that can travel between two worlds. There, we will find characters and enemies of all kinds that will help us detect and understand some different problems of day to day, a depth that is added to particular mechanics as shift combats with non-traditional moods in the genre.

Its creator intends to premiere more in Nintendo Switch at some point in the spring 2022. Added to this, the indie World N has left us with some titles to which follow the track, something that has happened with the crude ending or the puzzles of the beautiful Alisha.