Star Trek Online These are the mirror universe

Star Wars (English for Star Wars) is a film franchise business whose story started with the 1977 motion picture battle of the stars (original title: Star Wars). Creator of Star Wars is the screenwriter, manufacturer and supervisor George Lucas. In 2012, Lucas sold his business Lucasfilm, together with the right to Star Wars, to the Walt Disney Firm.
In the core, Star Wars includes 3 movie trilogies: the initial trilogy, which, along with War of Stars (today’s title a brand-new hope) the films the realm beats back (1980) as well as the return of the Jedi knights (1983); The innovator trilogy, which plays while prior to the original trilogy, with the movies the dark danger (1999), assault of the clone warriors (2002) and the vengeance of the Sith (2005); And Also the Sequel Trilogy with the films the awakening of power (2015), the last Jedi (2017) and the climb Sky walkers (2019).
Star Wars is organized, amongst various other points, in the style Area Opera and also as a Heroes. The films play in the make believe universe of a remote past as well as act from the ongoing fight between excellent and also bad — two sides represented by the brilliant and the dark side of power. The very first 2 trilogies are basically telling the demise of the galactic republic, the surge of the stellar empire and also the successful revolution against the empire by the former leader of the republic. Modeling as well as inspiration resources for Star Wars were works from pop culture, including those of the supervisor Akira Kurosawa, the author Isaac Asimov, and from the myth concept of Joseph Campbell.
Measured by the ticket office results, which with each other thus far amount to greater than $10.3 billion, the Star Wars Legend is the second even more constant movie series of film background after the Marvel Cinematic Universe (both from the Walt Disney Business residence). Additionally, the Star Wars franchise consists of various collection, more than 250 novels and also comics, toys and also many various other retailing products. As much as and consisting of 2018, the sale of Star Wars items has achieved an earning of around $70 billion. This is Star Wars one of the most effective movie retailing franchise in the world and remains in the Guinness Globe Records book. The various honors of the movies also consist of 10 Oscars.
Along with the films of the three trilogies of the Skywalker saga came in December 2016 with Rogue One: A Star Wars Tale as well as in Might 2018 with solo: A Star Wars Tale Two descendants in the cinemas. At the Disney Capitalist Day 2020, an entire empire of new movies and also series was announced. On the on-site streaming solution Disney +, brand-new collection have been published because 2019, amongst others The Mandalorian (given that 2019), Star Wars: The Duplicate Wars (Period 7, 2020), Star Wars: The Poor Set (considering that 2021) and AB 2022 Obi-Wan Ken obi. Disney verified the publication of three new films for the years 2023, 2025 and also 2027.

Star Trek Online is a free massive multiplayer online game where players can explore the Universe of Star Trek. Players can deny their own fate as a captain of a federation ship, as a Klingon warlord defending the borders of the Reich, as Commander of the Roman Republic rebuild the Roman legacy or perform dangerous missions for the Dominion as Jem’Hadar.

Captains can also include famous places from the Universe of Star Trek visiting, contacting new alien species and fighting with other players in their own spaceships. Star Trek Online is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Perfect World and Cryptic Studios announced that the mirror universe in Star Trek online: Reflections starts a new attack. In the last season of the Star Trek-based MMORPG, the end of the long-lasting Klingon Civil War was celebrated.

Unfortunately, this newly recovered peace in the galaxy was not a long duration, because from the mirror universe threatens a new danger, in whose entourage Admiral LEGTA (seeped by the fans popular actress from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Chase Master son) the dreaded Terran Empire is located.

Now the developers have taken a little break and betrayed us from Online their mirror universe favorite figures. Look at the top 5 here!

RIVERA, Lead designer

Ability Activation Order How To Beginners Guide Star Trek Online

Captain Sylvia Kill Tilly (Mirror Universe) — This is probably the brilliant embodiment of a character from the mirror universe. What makes Kill so special, the extreme opposites, with which Mary Wiseman portray the adorable surprise Tilly and their fearing and merciless counterpart Captain Kill. Great class!

Spock (Mirror Universe) — Mirror Universe Spock just creates it to the list because it is the measure of all things when it comes to figures from the mirror universe. The passionless passivity of Spock from the main universe will be at emotional heartlessness in its counterpart in the mirror universe. And his crooked has become a symbol par excellence for the mirror universe. Your agonized, please.

Nickduguid, Senior Environment Artist

Miles Smiley O’Brien — The mirror universe is in virtually every way a terrible place. Smiley offers some hope what I appreciate. He is the light in the darkness.

Thomasmarrone, Lead Artist for the teams for spaceships and user interfaces

WORK (Mirror Universe) — It is the classic example of someone from the middle leadership level that can not find any suitable help. WORK is the only character from Star Trek: The Next Generation, except O’Brien, whose mirror universe counterpart we get to see. In addition to the general maliciousness of the mirror universe, it is interesting to see a version of Work, which is truly Klingon, and what a man has become this version of Work.

Mikefatum, Community Manager

Imperator Phillipa Georgios – It is well known that the mirror universe is a good pretext for actors to live up. Michelle Yeah gets the chance with her mirror universe version. In this role, it is selfish, sarcastic, cruel and somehow one of my greatest heroines of the show. She plays this role that would otherwise be more uninteresting, with a wink and a smile, and for that I love her.

Ryonlevitt, senior designer

Joann Owosekun (mirror universe) — While the TWO works out of the main universe at OPS with Gala Deter, it is in the mirror universe the safety chief and really tough. We do not really know much about these two versions of her, but in the mirror universe she has a lot of great moments in the double sequence Terra company.