Halo Infinite has a glitch that corrupts and erases your departure we tell you how to avoid it

Hallo (German: Heiligenschlights ) is an ego shooter video game series, whose private components of Bungee, 343 Industries and also the ensemble studios for Microsoft Games, today Xbox Game Studios were established.

Hallo Infinite has given many joys to the fans of the saga, because the game has come really well, despite the concerns that has uncovered its complicated development. However, and like most games in recent months, a glitch has appeared that is causing problems and headaches. Both at 343 industries and users, since this bug corrupts the games and makes saving files completely lost.

Users have echoed this both in forums and reset or Halo Waypoint officers and affects both PC users and any of the Xbox systems. Apparently, it seems that there is a problem related to the login that deletes the file saved completely.

The Cause of the Halo Infinite Save File Corruption Bug

According to some users, after reappearing the mode in third person, the character begins to pass through the ground or float, and a login message appears. If this happens, try Avoid it not accepting anything, since you could force a login and corrupt the saved file.

A problem that is sure are already working on solving, and that we want to warn you to avoid dislikes. Meanwhile, we also leave you our Halo Infinite analysis.