Pok mon Go The downfall is slow and tallow

An instructor Pokémon is, on the planet of Pokémon, a person who captures Pokémon with Poke Balls, breeding and cares for them, and additionally educates them to combat against various other trainers that additionally have Pokémon. The term Pokémon instructor can also be used in a bigger context: it is any individual who has at least one Pokémon, can be thought about a Pokémon fitness instructor. In this feeling, people in the related Pokémon line of work, such as Pokémon coordinators or Pokémon breeders, can additionally be considered to be Pokémon trainers.

Yes. I know. I have often noted that the event chaos really only ensures the crass event glut in Pokémon Go, that I Bock have less and less excited about playing the game. And, although I like it. But event follows another event and put me under such a pressure-FOMO (aka Fear of missing out) that I can only give up if I want to stay sane. I have no Farrago, no Magenta, no Zero, no Vestal (okay, traded), and just a few days ago, I finished the special research on Marietta. An author of Desert, Dylan Nowitzki, has also made thoughts about what’s wrong with Pokémon Go. The Fall of Pokémon Go so Nowitzki, was slowly and painfully. And yes, somehow do not you…

Rauspressen The last money from the cash cow

We rewind a few years, 2017 or 2018, then Pokémon Go is a game in which felt does not do much. It has its loyal players yet, but in most cases are the gamers, attracted by the release hype, long jumped again. So how do these players to win back? In Ni antic the answer is simple: Lure them with events, new products, features, support the general approach on the majority of the player base.

So it happened, for example, to introduce adventure Sync, happiness Pokémon Mega-evolutions, the fight league, long-distance raids and more, and all these basic features of Pokémon Go, the small and the large, have their place. Most of these are also free. At the events but is skimmed off in Pokémon Go, which only goes and now with incomprehensible pricing, it is virtually only the icing on the cake that…

… the Temporary research the season of origin in December 2021 for free. In January and February 2022, however, you can only on the Temporary research benefit, so to participate, if you bought the ticket for the Photo tour. For real ?!

Destroyed Continuity

A similar quick-fix behavior can be observed in the release of new Pokémon. Originally new Mon came into play once a year, namely in the fall with a new generation. Generation 2, 3 and 4 are intermittently come into play, always with major events, when the opportunity was beneficial. There were always ten to twenty of which have landed with a slip in Pokémon Go.

Meanwhile, however, as, for that matter, arrived at an absolute chaos. Not so long ago there was Racial and Magenta from generation 8, although as yet the mysterious Pokémon Areas from generation 4 is in the game again. Speaking Areas: If not for the release of Pokémon Legends: Areas comes in January 2022 Pokémon Go, then I do not…


Minify, Shay min and Phone from Gen 4 are not even in the game, as even tramples Antitrust from Gen 8 through my collection. Vestal and Kernels from Gen 6 are now there, but not Garden. Hoop (Gen 6) and Crude (Gen 8) can already earn, but what about the equally mysterious Elder from Gen 5?

You understand what I’m getting. On the generational continuity caught, the main thing, every event, and no matter how crummy, to be celebrated with a new Legendary or mysterious. And I can no longer come up with the following argument: But Elders or Garden forms are so complicated to put into Pokémon Go.

Should we take a look back to Crypto Lucia, throw Ni antics zero-effort Pokémon, does not look in Pokémon Go again as it should look like ?!

shooting with sledgehammer to crack

Special investigations were times… well, especially flat. Something special. Temporary research? Well, their approach is perhaps a little less special. But as there is an event flood in Pokémon Go, so there is a flood of these characteristics; Only seven major studies have come since September 2021 into play, limited in time and not time-limited.

Special features are now presented as junk goods at Pokémon Go, d ENIT but only once Maputo that just the game flooded. At every turn, the developers try to get more money or other benefits for themselves, which has felt with the introduction of long-distance raid passports intensified. The thing is, the faster the developers of Ni antic Quebec all Pokémon publish… what then remains of the cash cow when all Mon are available? What can the makers of Pokémon Go come up to then help us to one or another euro?

Is this really the downfall of Pokémon Go, which has already occurred noticeably slowly and painfully? Or do you see it differently?

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