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Kevin Erwin (birthed March 16, 1987, in Hamm) is a German television operator, stadium spokesman, sporting activities comedo as well as comedian.

We can clarify several times before the penalty, Kuhn said at ‘magenta sport’, and then such a shit… Born himself initially parishes the shot of the previously substituted Magdeburg Sebastian Danubian briefly shiny. But ultimately the VFL defense did not get the ball out of the danger zone, Maurice Trap knew against Florian Kath only to help with a foul. Because due penalty by Magdeburg’s Basis Batik parishes bold, but he was powerless (90.).

Scaring: So I’m proud of that

That’s bitter for us to lose here, said Osnabrück Coach Daniel Screening at the press conference. We delivered a great game and would have earned a draw in my view. Despite the first disappointment, Screening also focused his gaze on the positive aspects: We have a good performance against a correct, really strong team delivered, and I’m proud of it, said the VFL coach.

But Screening not only honored his team’s lack of opportunities and the decisive goal. But also with a situation in the middle of the second half, as Magdeburg’s scorer Luca Schuyler Ulrich Taffertshofer met with the tunnels on the thigh. Referee Robert Schröder did not show the yellow card to the already warned sinner, but he only urged him urgent. A consideration that skiing could not understand. With yellow-red, the momentum may have moved to our site.

Pressekonferenz nach Osnabrück

Taffershofer: I miss any words

Even the fouled himself did not understand the world anymore. When I look at my thigh, where can be seen from half to the knee scratch marks, that’s not only yellow, but a red card, he said in the club’s own TV. There’s a lack of any words. I am also a player who likes to play hard, but if I see something like that, I do not mind anymore. The defeat did not want to fix the midfielder on the situation. We have had many chances again, we have to arrive, he admitted. In addition, the team would have to behave before 1: 2 Cleverer, then we at least drive home with a point.

So the VFL was at the end with completely empty hands. Through the victories of the competitors, the residue has grown to the rise ranks on six points. The next match day is for the purple-white to the sporting end of the year 2021 the outward trip to Duisburg (Sunday, 2 pm).