Travel rule implementation technology

Since March next year, Travel Rule regulation is applied to virtual asset companies, and to respond to a ship for regulatory responses, Galatians two trees and CODE (Colon, Ribbon, Kebab coalition) claims to be a technical advantage of each other, Turn off.

Tether trials Notabene’s new travel rule technology to combat financial

Travel Rules are an international regulation that have a virtual asset provider to secure the information of the money, recipient and share the information on the remittance of the member, and the CODE has created the Travel Rule solution based on the blockchain, and the two trees are blocked The direct encryption communication method was applied.

This taste is positively evaluated in that it is not invisible to unravel neuron electricity, and has been followed by discussions on the initial stage Travel Rule response technology.

Two trees lambda 256 Park Tae-hyun representative Absolute performance · Personal information issue

Park Tae-hyun, a two-tree blocker, a technical company, 256, Park Tae-hyun, a blockchain, said Park Tae-hyun, 256, a blockchain to solve all the problems, and it is necessary to write the effects where it is necessary, Solutions have a skeptical position.

The previous day’s code emphasizes that it is based on the launch of the trading rule and has been created based on the blockchain, and it is publicly explained by the question of the difference on the 256th side of Lambda.

According to Park’s representative, Travel Rule Solutions Developed Travel Rule Solutions Verify Vast (Verify) adopted the shared model of encrypted (isolation space for secure data management) by direct encrypted communication between exchanges.

3 years ago, when developing VASP, the model using the blockchain was also worried, but did not use performance issues and personal information issues.

Considering the Singapore government and related institutions that the Singapore government and related institutions that personal information can be leaked through intermediate decryption even if the current level of blockchain, which is lacking scalability and performance is low, Was a description.

Coleman Champ hi Representative I do not have a blockchain as a travel rule solution

The next day, Champion Hewn, the next day, It is strongly argued that the Travel Rule Solution is a blockchain and a real area that would have a business that is appropriate for blockchains.

Tea representative is the invitation of the joint venture Code, which is established for the coefficient, Bass, and the come for Travel Rule. He is a representative of the tea ceremony and restricts its own solutions, seeing that there is no suitable for the marketing solution. The CODE solution uses R3 Coda, which is a financial specialized private block body for information sharing between the exchange.

If you are limited to the point of the point of the point of the point of a performance issue as a blockchain, (like a private blockchain) If the number of nodes is limited, it is possible to secure trust without degradation of performance (even in public block chapel) I am going to improve performance in cases of me, he said, The blockchain could not be written as a performance issue, I want to be a self — duration as a blockchain.

R3 Soda is a blockchain designed for financial institutions as a blockchain designed for financial institutions, because the personal information is designed for financial institutions, because other nodes can not be deducted,.

I got a break and I left the break?.

The two of the two people were more attention because of the history of the two trees and the traverse to respond to Travel Rule. The two trees and the rest of the three can be seen as a new nervous.

In addition, the four saga, including two trees, including the two trees, agreed to establish a joint venture to communicate with the Travel Rule, and the two trees are missing,

There may be an emotion that both sides remain uncomfortable. The actual Park said, It seems that it seems that it is an IT plate like a presidential election politics.

Since the field of traditional solutions is still in the early stages, such technical discussions are rather necessary and sounded. In situations where there is no proven overseas application cases, various operators are competing and found to find a better model, and as a result, users can benefit.

According to the FATF Recommendation (FATF) recommendations, global asset companies must introduce Travel Rule solutions, and regulatory introduction time and methods are individually set for each country. Still, the United States, the United Kingdom, such as the United Kingdom, has not been achieved in Travel Real. Our country belongs to the introduction of Travelled very quickly.