Domenico Tedesco New coach at RB Leipzig

With Domenico Tesco from the sporty crisis: RB Leipzig obliged the former Schalke as a new coach.

Eleven crashed in the Bundesliga, in which Champions League excreted: Now Domenico Tesco should lead to the tumbling runner-up RB Leipzig again successfully.

On Thursday, the Saxons gave the obligation of the former Schalke Success Trainer as successor to the US-American Jesse March, which is released on Sunday. Tesco receives a contract until June 30, 2023.

Tesco had recently worked at Sparta Moscow and rely on the club on his own request. Because of the Corona pandemic were and travel from Russia to Germany were hardly possible, the 36-year-old wanted to be closer to his wife and the two daughters again.

To farewell to Moscow, Tesco was celebrated frenetically, now RB managing director Oliver Mintzlaff and Co. hope that the new trainer also sparkles euphoria again in Leipzig.

Tesco: debut against Borussia Mönchengladbach

After his time as a youth coach at VfB Stuttgart and the TSG Cofferdam, Tesco moved to Erzgebirge AUE in March 2017 — to take on Schalke 04 for a few months later.

He led the narrow 2018 to the vice-championship before he was released on March 14, 2019, after that in the Champions League. Today — S04 has meanwhile crashed into the 2nd league — many fans long for a return.

Tesco, however, now takes over in Leipzig — and thus a team with huge potential, which brings you much too rarely under March. The new coach gets no start-up time: already on Saturday (15.30 clock) against Borussia Mönchengladbach he stands for the first time at the sideline.

Beirerlorzer at RB Leipzig isolated

The previous co-trainer Achim Hairdryer, who had looked after the team after March’s dismissal, will not support him.

As RB announced, one with Beiserlorzer for good and constructive conversations are agreed on an exemption. For this, Tesco Andreas Harked and Max Urwantschky as assistants brings to Saxony.

Until the short winter break, it goes after the Playback game still after Augsburg and at home against Bielefeld, the residue on the targeted Champions League ranks is seven points. Tesco has to catch up with his new team, because a season without the royal class would not fit the Leipzig er self-image.

Tesco: Reasons for optimism

His predecessor March had been released on Sunday, which came 48-year-old, at the beginning of the season of RB Salzburg, did not meet the high expectations of the Saxons. The big gap, which had left the Julian Nagelsmann migrated to Bavaria Munich, could not fill March at any time.

Now Tesco is supposed to try this difficult task — and in addition to all problems, there are also reasonable reasons to be optimistic.

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After the out of the Champions League, RB wails his chance in the Europa League, in the DFB Cup Leipzig in the secondary final on 19 January against the second division Hans Rostock Harsher Favorite. So Tesco has the opportunity to make a good thing from this messed season.