LOL Patch 11 24 Camille is no longer scared and Samira becomes a danger before season 12

After the chaos that meant the beginning of the preseason, League of Legends is prepared to receive the patch 11.24. New version for the title of Riot Games that will come to the game with the intention of financed to calibrate the great novelties introduced in the last update and give the title all the necessary stability before the launch of season 12 during the first weeks next year.

Patch 11.24: Without many settings, but with big changes

Riot Games has not wanted to enter fully in relation to the balance of champions and will carry out a few adjustments that will affect only eight characters. The most striking will receive them LED, which will become a much more fearsome fighter as it was first designed. However, especially highlights are the cases of Camille and Samira. The first will receive a very stronger nerf, while the second will be released from the executing hand problems of it receiving an impulse that she needed to reward more skilled players.

They will also highlight the changes received by objects and systems. Retouching to the Items of the Magi To balance your power in terms of statistics, adjustments to RUNS To prevent new fashions from becoming too worrying trends and even a nerf that the community was asking for The soul of petrochemical dragon from its premiere. In this matter we do have a good amount of half-range settings that we would appreciate it to enjoy what remains of a preseason.

Finally and as it is tradition in each of the versions that arrive in League of Legends, we will also receive new skins. The cosmetic line gallant 2.0 arrives at the game, which was voted by the players at the beginning of season 11 and to which Riot Games has come for the hairs to carry out their premiere before the end of the year. This will even have its own event on the client with pass, missions and their corresponding aspects of prestige.

Patch summary

You can find the full notes of the version later, but before we leave a brief summary of the changes:

Changes to champions:

UFOs: Vern, Samira, Caitlyn, Twitch, Argot and Kyle
Nerves: Camille
Settings: LED

Changes to objects:

UFOs: Archangel cane

Nerves: Axiomatic arc, crown of the Queered Queen, Gauntlet of Frosty Fire, Cosmic Impulse and Lost of Stillness

Changes to RUNS:

UFOs: Conqueror
Nerves: predator
Settings: lethal compass and glacial improvement

Changes to dragons

Settings: Hex tech and Petrochemical


New Skins:

Gal ante 2.0: Driven, Brand, Zed, Leblanc, Leona, Malabar and Master Yi

Settings half version

During the patch 11.23 several changes were made to the League of Legends reward system.