Zynga has just unveiled a new game development studio

The Zynga Naturalization longtime race division will open another branch. The studio will be located in Birmingham, the United Kingdom, where it will hire local talents. Zynga Inc. is already a leading mobile game developer who continues to expand his family and take more and more grounds on the global innovation market, which will be added to the Thriving Racing division of Naturalization.

Vice President of Naturalization, Mr. Julian Windows, said: Located in the magnificent building 55 Col more Row in the center of the prestigious business district of Col more in Birmingham, the new studio will host designers, developers and foreground artists. From the Talent of the Midlands Development. Our race division is among the best in the world, and the opportunity to tap into the incredible talent of the Midlands for the race, highlights Zynga’s commitment to producing incredible content for its players.

Zynga's India Studio | New Office Opening

Zynga’s reach has now increased its already heavy dissemination, with their global studios working together in the past to offer a competitive product to the players’ public. By globalizing like this, the studio involves various cultures and different ways of thinking in their forces and also promotes a healthy local balance between professional and private life, the positive initiative and helps employees grow personally and professionally.

Zynga is a developer of social video games from America. They were founded in 2007 and have their headquarters in San Francisco, California, the United States. They focus mainly on mobile games and social networking platforms, but the mission of the company, as they say, is to connect the world through the games. Furthermore, they are at the origin of many popular titles, such as Farmville who shook the world in 2009 and exceeded 10 million active daily players six weeks only after its release in June of the same year. The company continues to improve and expand its business model, and has recently reached a staggering figure of 60 million daily users with its Zynga Poker and Words with Friends 2 games.

Now, the company opens its Naturalization race division in Birmingham, and the Mayor of West Midlands, Mr. Andy Street, also added a few words on the occasion. He said:

I am extremely proud of the game cluster we have here in the West Midlands, which houses many leading developers and studios. Zynga is one of the world’s leading developers in the world, so they have chosen to open their new studio here in the West Midlands shows the strength of our region and how we continue to attract big names and investments. The removal of Zynga and Naturalization will help create local jobs for the local population, as well as add more money to our regional economy. I am delighted that Julian and his team made this investment and I wish them every success. »— Andy Street, Mayor of West Midlands

Zynga and Naturalization are already opening positions and seek local talents. They currently need Lead Game Designers, Lead UI Artists, Main Games Engineers, QA Engineers and others. Check out the official website with the Applications for the Birmingham office, if you are interested.