New World brings new patch 1 1 1 patch notes and maintenance work

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Today, on December 1, 2021, Inner World appears the new patch 1.1.1. Above all, this brings bug fixes and reduces the number of drops of particles in elementary steams. In addition, the update with maintenance work is therefore. We from Mango summarize the patch notes and everything to the server down.

Update 10:50: Maintenance has been completed, and the servers are even online for a few minutes earlier.

What are the highlights of the update? Patch 1.1.1 is a rather small update and brings no new content. Instead, some problems are tackled:

Elemental opponents have accidentally encouraged too many elementary particles. The number has been reduced, and the particles can no longer be obtained when degrading element arms.
Players who have lost their harvesting equipment through patch 1.1 will now get chests that contain the lost set.
The action, moving and disassembling furniture is now possible again.
The experience points at the profession of jewel grinding were increased because there was a mistake there after the patch 1.1.
Errors were resolved in the new weapon of ominous gauntlets.
Improvements have been made to the server and the server compositions were prepared.

When does patch 1.1.1? The new update appears today at 8:00 am German time.

Together with the update, the servers get maintenance. They should last for 3 hours after date, so until 11:00.

If it comes to an extension of the server downs, we keep you up to date in this news.

New World Patch 1.1.1 — The Complete Patch Notes

Particles of elementary boomers

An error has been fixed, dropped by the elementary opponent a large amount of particles.
We also have elementary particles as a reward for collecting elemental creatures and reduces the amount of raw materials they obtained. This is a response to your number in the world and how often you have respawn. Originally, these creatures should be challenging and rare encounters in the world. In practice, however, they were less dangerous and more common than planned, which led to that they supplied too many raw materials compared to primary sources such as elementary plants and stones.

Missing gardener equipment

In the last update, a mistake has encouraged itself, through which all ranks of the gardener harvesting equipment in the game classified as coming content and accidentally removed from the game. The developers apologize for this mistake, through which their legally deserved objects lost. If you were concerned and lost part of the harvest worker armor, you should have an additional reward chest in the inventory after this update.

It contains a full set of gardener armor in the highest rank that you personally have achieved for a part of the harvest worker set. The items also have the maximum armor for this rank and can be used on each stage so that you can safely equip them. They are like the other parts of the harvest worker armor, which you can find normal, marked as bound when equipping. If you open the chest, you will find 5 items:

Harvest worker hat
Harvested shirt
Harvest worker gloves
Harvester trousers
Harvested workers


Acting, shifting and disassembling furniture / wandering objects is possible again.


An error has been fixed in which production plans for jewel grinding do not bring enough EP for trading skills.
Recently, the developers had reduced the number of commercial EP by making objects with lower rank when players achieve a new base in a capability. For example, with metal, players deserve to unlock steel plans, less for the manufacture of iron plans. In progress in trade skills, developers wanted to make a stronger focus on making more ranking objects and make more valuable materials more valuable. Thus, the developers want to reward the players when climbing in the individual trading skills for making higher-ranking objects. Before this change, the opinion of the Amazon Game Studios spent too much time with the production of lower-ranking objects, rather than improper their trade skills through the manufacture of objects they could actually need on their current stage.

1.1.1 patch notes are EPIC, BIGGEST ISSUES ALL ADDRESSED, also gold dupe rumors arising in New World


An error has been fixed where players could not use any purchase orders from local storage shed.


Technical preparations for server compositions
Improvements in performance in wars

General troubleshooting

Inhaling gauntlets: Fixed bug that the cooldown for emptiness did not start when players changed the weapon at the beginning of the ability Inhaling gauntlets: Fixed bug that status effects of consumables were deleted by emptiness Fixed bug, by the jewel grinder do not bring the correct amount of EP for higher-ranking crafts Fixed bug, through which player could not earn the lumberjack success