1 FSV Mainz vs VfL Wolfsburg before a maximum of 10 000 spectators

The PSV Mainz 05 may leave only 10,000 spectators to the Stadium in the Bundesliga game on Saturday (15.30 pm / Sky) against VFL Wolfsburg. Prime Minister Male Dreyer (SPD) announced in Mainz a corresponding adaptation in the new Corona Regulation of Rhineland-Palatinate.

She wants to move in a slightly stricter border of a maximum of 10,000 visitors outside, Dreyer said. The regulation also applies to the football third division 1. FC Kaiserslautern, which receives on Saturday Viktoria Cologne.

For the fans, this means that their cards for the game on Saturday keep their validity in the context of the 2G concept, said the PSV Mainz. The further ticket sales was stopped. Access only vaccinated and geneses.

In the Federal Country Round with the Outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and its designated successor Olaf Scholz (SPD) and the country chiefs, a significant reduction in the audience number for supraregional Bundesliga games, cultural and similar major events was previously decided. Accordingly, there are a maximum of 15,000 fans in football stages.

Mainz Bundesliga games board criticizes PUR populism

Meanwhile, 05-Bundesliga games board Christian Handel reproduced the populism in the vaccine debate. Populism, unfortunately, is very important to us in politics, said Handel in an interview of the TV channel SKY. It would be very, very right if the politicians would also take care of other things.

Handel is particularly sharp criticized the vaccine debate overlooking the professional footballers. There’s every second sentence: the high-paid players. And I think it’s the worst argument what you can choose to be about vaccinating that the income of the two vaccinating playing some role, Handel said, That’s populism pure.

He did not know, if there is an industry with such a vaccination rate, as the professional football is. And then this topic should be finally finished for all times. That’s just nonsense! The football is a role model, yes — and he has just made this model.