Smile Gate CFS 2021 Grand Final Opening

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[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] Smile Gate Entertainment (Representative Certificate) announced on December 1, which held a CFS 2021 Grand Final opening ceremony, a Crossfire ‘e-sports competition in Inchon Song do Convention and entered the heat of a day.

CFS 2021 RF EUMENA DIvision Highlight [Grand Final Match]
The CFS 2021 Grand Final in the 10th anniversary this year will play 8 teams selected through the qualifiers conducted by China, Euglena, Brazil and Southeast Asia. The 8 teams are organized by two A, B, and the winner will be covered through the final finals through the playoffs (4 degrees) (4) (4 degrees) (4) (4 degrees) (4) (4 degrees) (4 degrees) (4 degrees) (4 degrees) (4 degrees) (4).

The opening of the opening is the confrontation of the traditional pole, and the Black Dragon (Black Dragons) belonging to A and the Lazarus of the Euglena (Lazarus). The next game leads to the confrontation of the Team myth, and the CFS 2021 American Region 1, the first game of the competition 1 day.

In addition, the Celebs.2L (Celebs.2L) team, which is a Vietnamese League (Celebs.2) team, which will play in three years, is expected to be a strategy for Aisha Gaming in China.

The CFS 2021 Grand Finals showed a brilliant stage that matches the Slogan ‘Into The Real Battle’ in the Slogan ‘Into The Real Battle’, which means the athletes participating in the fierce battle. It seems to be more vibrant than the last competition in Virtual Studios, and it is expected to produce a more vibrant appearance and a sense of punctuation.

All players participating in the CFS 2021 Grand Finals will participate in the competition after 10 days of prayer, followed by the Korean defense guidelines after entering Korea. In order to proceed with the safety and smooth competitions of the athletes, every game will be ridiculous.

Meanwhile, all the games of the CFS 2021 GF are broadcast around the world through 11 different channels, including four languages ​​and CFS official YouTube, including English, Chinese, and twelve languages.