The Game Awards 2021 Everything you need to know at the time livestream and the games

Suddenly you hear this deep voice that breathes quiet World Premiere in the background? This can only mean one thing: The Game Awards 2021 are coming up! We have summarized all the information about the time, the live stream, the nominees and the playing matches.

When do the Game Awards start 2021?

The Game Awards 2021 officially find instead of 9th December 2021 at 5 pm PST. With us in the European time zone, the event shifts to the night of 10 December.

Date: 10 . December 2021
Time: 02:00 clock German time

Where can you look the Game Awards 2021?

As usual, you can follow the Game Awards via Livestream. This is transferred from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles and can be found on all major streaming platforms.

Official website

Nintendo Announcement Predictions At Game Awards 2021!

Which new games and announcements are available at the Game Awards 2021?

The highlight of the show are the hotly awaited new game announcements and as always the rumor kitchen. Among other things, there are evidence of a remake and a multiplayer for The Last of Us and a remake for Metal Gear Solid 3.

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Game Awards should show 40-50 games, these titles could expect us

In addition, there were already notes on new content to Zelda botw2 and a appearance of light blade 2. Game-awards-Host Geoff Kafka promises via Twitter an insane lineup, which is designed to focus mainly on In game trailers new Next-Gen games.

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Who are the nominees of the Game Awards 2021?

On the other hand, the nominees of the Game Awards 2021 are already known, in which, among other things, the hot coveted Game of the Year price is awarded. All categories and nominees have we summarized you in our overview:

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The Game Awards 2021: These are the nominated

In addition, you can currently also make your voice for the Game Awards if you log in to the official website.

Are you looking at the Game Awards 2021 live? Which big announcements do you hope for? Betray us in the comments!