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The Germany nationwide football group (German: Deutsche Fußballnationalmannschaft or Pass away Mannschaft) stands for Germany in guy’s international football and played its first suit in 1908. The team is governed by the German Football Organization (Deutsche Fußball-Bund), established in 1900. In between 1949 and 1990, separate German national teams were identified by FIFA as a result of Allied line of work and division: the DFB’s group standing for the Federal Republic of Germany (called West Germany from 1949 to 1990), the Saarland team standing for the Saar Protectorate (1950– 1956) and also the East German team standing for the German Autonomous Republic (1952– 1990). The last 2 were taken in along with their documents; the here and now team stands for the reunified Federal Republic. The main name as well as code Germany FR (FRG) was shortened to Germany (GER) complying with reunification in 1990.
Germany is among one of the most effective national groups in global competitions, having won 4 World Cups (1954, 1974, 1990, 2014), three European Champions (1972, 1980, 1996), and one Confederations Cup (2017). They have actually likewise been runners-up 3 times in the European Champions, 4 times in the World Mug, and a more four third-place surfaces at World Cups. East Germany won Olympic Gold in 1976. Germany is the only country to have actually won both the FIFA World Mug and also the FIFA Women’s World Cup. At the end of the 2014 Globe Cup, Germany gained the 2nd highest possible ELO ranking of any kind of nationwide football team in history, with 2,223 points. Germany is additionally the only European country that has actually won a FIFA Globe Cup in the Americas.
On 1 August 2021, Hans Flick became head trainer of the team, after Joachim Löw introduced that he would step down after UEFA Euro 2020.

As often as close to the first goal of the season Schlotterbeck was never before this season. In the game in Bochum, the left-footed one posted four good chances to standards: Once, after a good distance with the foot of the posts the jubilation was in the way, the first header he sat one piece too high, the second too central on and the third, in The injury time slightly in the long corner extended Tariff-free kick parishes VfL-Keeper Manuel Riemann great.

Even before the game, the defense man had hosted in the Great great interview with his null scorer points so far: The wire already. I have a good size and have made me to make my three to six goals per season. I already had one Couple perfect chances, and I’m often less at the bad luck than at the inability. Furthermore, I’m already making pressure.

Nevertheless, the younger Schlotterbeck brother is due to his buggy strength, his good starting game and its dynamic, the attacking game invigorating the Best Freiburg Field Player and had a large proportion of SC record start with 22 points after ten games. The 2: 1 victory against Dortmund on the second match day is a great importance — for the success series of the club and the personal power high of Schlotterbeck, which succeeded in deluding BVB-striker Star Erlang Haaland completely.

Since this season I know: I can defend against every striker.

Nico Schlotterbeck

the kicker is a savage for this

I realized in the game, how well I can be. I played against Haaland, Lien (Philipp Lien hart, d. Red.) Painting against Donnell. I just had a good day. Because we were a bit deeper, maybe it was too deeper Somewhat easier. But in this game I realized: I can become a perfect center-back and am maybe it’s all right now. On a good day, I can turn off a lot of strikers. Hopefully there are many such days, says the 21-year-old and says the 21-year-old and says underlines again: Since this season I know: I can defend against every striker.

The combination of good performance and great self-confidence also impresses Hans Flick. The national coach nominated the 1.91-meter man in all three file play phases since the summer. In September and October he did not start him yet, in November Schlotterbeck had to cancel because of muscular problems and made such suspected debut. His prospects in the DFB team are still not bad.

He spoke very openly with me what he expects from me, as he has seen me and that he is relatively happy with me. His prior impression that I have a great self-confidence and a good starting game, as well in the duel, I’ve been confirmed, says Schlotterbeck from conversation with flick: He told me that there is not so many left-footed in the domestic defense in Germany, and he definitely wants to see me. I am still a young player when I mean Hopefully, I will hopefully get many operating times.

His handling of frustration, the brutal level in DFB training, the aura of Manuel new, his time as a fan of the national team, its formative phase and great friends at Union Berlin, the U-21-EM title as well as the bank place of brother and defense conflict Keven at the SC — also over these topics Nico Schlotterbeck speaks in the large great interview (Monday edition — or from Sunday evening here magazine).