Shroud denounces to Battlefield 2042 due to lack of a basic function

Since the launch of the game last week, Battle of Battle 2042 has received a significant violent reaction for missing a series of expected characteristics. Michael «Shroud» Greedier has now joined that choir, shouting a strange omission of the game: a marker. During a recent transmission, Shroud took the new game of says to the task, sharing the discontent of him with omission, as well as some other decisions taken during the development of the game. Like many other players at this time, it seems that Shroud is not happy with Battle 2042 as he is currently.

Brothers, this game does not even have a marker. Yes, I do not know what the hell they were thinking with that. I do not know, man. I feel that much of this game are trying to be innovative and different, and it was a little fucked up, said Should during the broadcast.

Of course, Shroud is not the only discontent with battle 2042 features that are missing. Despite its launch only a few days ago, the game is already one of the games with worse reviews in the history of Steam, and many critics of the platform qualify as unfinished. Clearly, many people feel that the game was thrown into the market when there were still many elements that should have been in the game at the launch, including the score.

Shroud’s comments about the game that tries to be innovative and different channel some of the reports that emerged on the game before its launch. Apparently, the game had a fairly difficult development, which generated conflicts over the direction of the game. These reports came for the first time of the Industry Expert Tom Henderson, and it seems that whatever it is and says they were trying with this game have not worked for many players.

Battle 2042 is now available at PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC. You can check our previous game coverage right here.

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