Monhan Rise reward is not only Sonic A total of five evocue delivery that can be produced by new weight divers

A total of five new events / challenge quests have been delivered, including collaboration east of Sonic The Hedgehog in software monster winterization for Nintendo switches.

In the Sonic The Hedgehog collaboration, it is possible to produce hunter, Stoma IRU, Otomogark’s overlapping equipment. Hunting can be enjoyed by Sonic and Tails. In addition, in the event quest Hyokayukukeuku, can also produce the hunter overlaying divers.

Furthermore, in commemoration of collaboration The content is Mizuki Temple × 30, Short Mao × 30, Robber × 30, Running drug x 30 and Steel egg × 30. Let’s help hunting.

◆ Event quest Full ring for this hand!

· Purpose: Ring 200 delivery
· Destination: Obscene
· Order / Participation Condition: None

Clear the quests, you can get the manufacturing material of Too collaboration. In addition, figurines are available according to the clear time rank!
· Stoma IRU overlay wearing costume Sonic

· Otomogark overlay wearing Tails gal

· Tails figurine, Sonic figurine, Buckle’s figurine

A figurine available in quest clear changes according to the rank of clear time. It is possible to play a one-wind that changes the rings efficiently and aim for the highest rank!

◆ Event quest Shadow of two sound velocity

· Purpose: Hunting of 1 NARA Auriga
· Destination: Watering forest
· Participation / order conditions: HR8 or higher

Quest Clear, Hunter’s collaboration equipment production material is available!
· · Hunter Heavy Reading Equipment Sonic Wear

◆ Event quest Hyokyuko Scuba

· Purpose: 1 Hunting of one of Curators and one comic 1 head and one Hatsune
· Destination: Shimizu NATO
· Participation / order conditions: HR4 or higher

Quest Clear, Hunter Heavy Rain Equipment Diver Production Material is available!
· Hunter layers wear Diver

◆ Event quest Nushi Rio Laura serious deal

· Purpose: Killing one Nushi Rio Lies
· Destination: Lava dong
· Participation / order conditions: HR8 or higher

Nushimonstar of unbeatable individual appears!

◆ Challenge Quest Challenge Quest 06

· Purpose: Killing one of Phonemic 1 head and one Oshawa and one Magazine Add
· Destination: Cold group of cold
· Participation / order conditions: HR4 or higher
· Number of participants: 2 or less

Challenge the quest by making full use of the fixed armor! Let’s enhance the hunting skill!

Event quests can be received from the Menu Additional Content in the Carla Village, so you can receive orders in the Event Quest of the meeting place quest counter. Once you have downloaded the downloaded event quest, you can play offline or indefinitely. The download must be the latest version of the software.