LOL Riot launches a new preseason patch to improve the objectives rewards system

Riot Games, Inc. is a developer as well as video clip game posting as well as coordinator of US electronic sports tournaments based in West Los Angeles, California. The company was started in September 2006 to create League of Legends, a multiplayer video clip game of on the internet battle sand. Considering that its launch in 2009, the business has created several video games stemmed from the same franchise business. For the computer game, Riot Games operates 14 leagues of digital sporting activities at a global level and also the world championship of League of Legends. Till May 2018, Riot Games had 24 workplaces all over the world, in which he used around 2500 people. Since 2011, Riot Games is a subsidiary of Tencent Chinese empire. Riot Games has obtained criticism of denunciations of sex discrimination and also unwanted sexual advances in the work environment and also, as a result, by its use forced arbitration in conflicts.

League of Legends has received a multitude of changes since the introduction of the preseason and, although it is being quieter than on previous occasions, Riot Games has not wanted to relax and has introduced the second patch in just a week. An update that does not include changes to champions or objects, but it arrives to move forward with the corrections to the system for objectives. The most controversial novelty of version 11.23 has already improved its operation just a few days and Riot Games wants to finish polishing it.

The small changes of the last patch

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Most of the complaints with respect to the new rewards’ system by League of Legends disappeared after a first update in which the most obvious problems were resolved. However, Riot Games wanted to introduce a patch with which to solve a series of cases that have called extreme cases. Situations that took place in very few games, but they completely dismantled them by making this new League of Legends system continue to be considered too unfair.

The changes introduced are the following:

Inflict damage to a target no longer restart the remaining time for rewards deactivation. Now, the system will be deactivated at the time when the disadvantage is small enough regardless of whether we are hitting a goal.
Dragons have lost importance when it comes to determining the activation or deactivation of rewards. A team that is losing but has many dragons will not activate the rewards for their enemies or will be so affected by this goal when it comes to receiving their own.

With these settings, it seems that Riot Games will be satisfied for a while and will work already thinking about the next League of Legends patch. The company has delayed the next version as of December 8 according to its official update calendar, the day in which the first major changes of the preseason arrived.